BLOGGED: New Job and the Thai Winter Melon Drink

Stories about Adulting, handling rejection, etc. HELLO there! I'm here again with some news. I recently got hired at an SEO firm, Ardor (Yay!) as a Content Writer. It's located in Matina, Davao City, near my University. Who would've thought I'd still take the same route I took for six years? Ha-ha. Oh, right. How … Continue reading BLOGGED: New Job and the Thai Winter Melon Drink

The Beauty of Suffering

I taste the warm salt through my teeth. I missed this, really--pain--crying, grimacing silently and clenching my fists till my palms blossom into white and then my blood drains.   Pain. Tasteful pain--plunging deeper into pain until my tongue dries, and tear ducts on the inside corner of my eyes sting. I'm seeing the simultaneous … Continue reading The Beauty of Suffering

Goodbye, My Lover — A Poem

My lover–a ghost hunter, found my haunted dwelling which hummed danger, anger-- but glistened with fresh paint. Still, he ventured-- laid his bags on the dusty floor and then sat and felt the walls until he owned the house My empty rooms he filled, but his stay made my demons sweat, so they tore through … Continue reading Goodbye, My Lover — A Poem

Jimboy – A Short Story

Lola Myrna is a soft-spoken 70-year-old woman who lives with her toddler grandson, Jimboy. She has ash-gray hair, and she keeps mostly to herself.  Lola is well-known in their neighborhood for adoring only two things in this world: her garden and her only grandson. Her garden is simple but well-kept. It complements the two-bedroom bungalow … Continue reading Jimboy – A Short Story