Torturing Artist — A Short Story

  The wind cries out tonight, signaling their entrance. My pulse is as fast as a racehorse that’s being beat violently. This will already be our fourth meeting, but I still get the chills every time. I check my watch—it’s 11:58 pm. It’s almost time. I clutch the cooler tightly, and set it aside. When […]

Diary of a Make-up Guru — A Short Story

October 13 Today I had few customers. My mini physical shop is just a month old so I guess my ‘army’ of loyal buyers haven’t had the chance to visit here. October 15 Yesterday, I forgot to write because I was busy tidying the counters. Customers were still scarce, but there was a woman who […]

Two monsters — A Short Story

My mom always said to me that I was a very imaginative 4-year-old. That everything I told her was all in my imagination. “Merry, there’s no monster in here. I already looked,” she kissed my forehead. “Now go back to sleep.” I still argued with her because I knew how the monster looked and where […]

Jimboy – A Short Story

Lola Myrna is a soft-spoken 70-year-old woman who lives with her toddler grandson, Jimboy. She has ash-gray hair, and she keeps mostly to herself.  Lola is well-known in their neighborhood for adoring only two things in this world: her garden and her only grandson. Her garden is simple but well-kept. It complements the two-bedroom bungalow […]