There’s Just Something about Port Cafe’s Carbonara and Waffles.

Some things just never change. I was just watching Brooklyn 99 when Boyle, a character from the show, caught my attention. He mentioned reviewing food and including the criteria of “mouth feel” in grading food, which was hilariously fascinating. Above: Capt. Holt appreciating Charles Boyle’s email blast because his food reviews include measuring “mouth feel”. I […]

I Cloned My Stapelia!

Just because something breaks free, doesn’t mean nothing beautiful will ever grow again. I’m not heartbroken.  I’m just glad that the stem I trimmed from my Stapelia plant grew its own stems as well (see pic above), after more than a week since I transferred it to a different container. (Cue newbie plant momma squeals). So, […]

Starting the Year Right with Womenite

Womenite—a planned informal get-together that turned out as a gathering of bright women from Davao’s local business sector. It was almost seven in the evening when I arrived at the PLDT Innolab in Ponciano. And I must be honest. Before that, I was procrastinating, imagining the mud and the hassle from the traffic congestion I’d […]

REVIEW: Wearing Anti-radiation Eyeglasses for One Week

  Hello! This is a summarized daily review of wearing anti-radiation eyeglasses (ARE) for one week. One of my problems recently is this eye strain I get from facing the computer screen in our office for about 7-8 hours. First of all, I’m used to computer glare since College. Apparently, this time, the glare has been […]

REVIEW: Bad Genius (2017)

  (With SPOILERS!) Bad Genius is an exciting Thai Ocean’s 11-esque film directed by Nattawut Poonpiriya. Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying as the main character Lynn reminded me of strong-headed Iwaya Sumire, played by Japanese actress and model Koyuki in the famous Japanese manga and TV series, Kimi Wa Petto (2003). She gave justice to Lynn’s motives and glided […]