5 inevitable things College made me realize

  College didn't teach me everything I should know, but surely I'm not alone in having these significant realizations to share -- apart from knowing that Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. These are "lessons" that I can't easily discuss out in the open, but instead, probably pass on as a set of guidelines … Continue reading 5 inevitable things College made me realize

The Quiet in a Cheesecake

I'm not a cheesecake lover--I'm a cheesecake worshiper. There's just so much to love about this pastry. I think anyone with a picky palate would not resist a slice. If you would let me choose between a cookie or an ordinary party cake--I'd choose cheesecake any day. As I sat today in Pastanni while eating … Continue reading The Quiet in a Cheesecake

Tricia’s tales: The magic of Mati

  Mindanao has a lot to offer--and when it comes to beaches, Mati doesn't hold back. I was just a tag along with my Mom's high school classmates' reunion together with my sister. But boy, contrary to the stereotypes of people who tag along, I didn't feel unwelcome at all. From Davao, we stopped by … Continue reading Tricia’s tales: The magic of Mati

Pop! Goes Their Art

Beautiful images and sights just relax me. I feel better when I'm surrounded with art. I'm not an artist, but I have a long running love affair with Art since I was young. I was always on the "right" side of things or the "creative" side--drawing, creative writing, painting. Yep, you can include me now … Continue reading Pop! Goes Their Art