Why do we overthink?

Are we overthinking or are we just being cautious? Let’s draw the line. Overthinking Vs. Being cautious Thinking too much or too long about certain matters is overthinking. Moreover, it’s when you create unrealistic scenarios that might never even happen. Being cautious, on the other hand, is accepting the reality that you may fail. It’s … Continue reading Why do we overthink?

It’s okay to sit down and get a pedicure sometimes

I love being pampered. It just feels great to feel taken care of. Moreover, I love the feeling of not thinking and analyzing things. That’s why I love the peace and quiet of getting a pedicure. If you luckily find a place where the nail technicians are not too chatty, then you should drop by … Continue reading It’s okay to sit down and get a pedicure sometimes

The Least Endangered Species: Park Chan Wook’s Films Validate the Human Desire for Vengeance and Anger

Humans are often called the most intelligent “animals” on Earth—that the only thing that makes us human is our innate and distinct self-awareness.