How to Let Go & Move On Without Ever Turning Back

DISCLAIMER: This guide won’t be a hundred percent guarantee unless you’re definitely prepared.

But, hey.  Everything’s possible. One day you’re happy and in love, then you’re wrecked the next day.

However, if you’re tired of saying you’re over it and then getting stuck again, we have a five-step solution for you. 

1. Feel everything, ONE at a time.

If you think you’re about to cry, then do it. It’s your tears—you can waste it if you want to. If you think you’re about to feel sad, then be blue together with your intense-heartbreak playlist.

Do it because you’re a human—bound to have limitations. Keep going! Then, if you’re in the mood for happiness, smile.

At the end of the day, there will always be a moment for that smile—even for a split second.

Grab it. It’s yours.

2. Reminisce those precious memories.

And while doing so, refer to the first one in the list. It will help you reminisce the time, effort, and sincerity you poured to experience those treasured memories.

Doing this can help you sort your frantic feelings. But keep in mind—you need to be alone and calm before doing this because you’ll be vulnerable for the next one.

3. Close your eyes…

…because you’re about to create a place for burying what you have felt or remembered.

Put them in a jar, dig deep, and bury the jar.

No matter what happens, you should put everything you felt (first and the second in the list) in the jar. Seal it shut.

Note: No leakage, please. We won’t be responsible for the side effects of the leakage.

4. Create your switch.

This part is pretty much essential, given the title of this post. It is different from forgetting. It means that you’ll keep those important things in a specific place and leave it there.

You can visit from time to time but you can never bring it out. It’s like a museum, only for you.

Unless you need to take them out to the world again, it will remain there ‘til the right time comes. (e.g. light switch, lamp, locket, rose.)

5. Say farewell and leave.

This is the hardest part because most of you would have trouble leaving. Goodbyes will always be difficult. But this is the crucial part.

There is no turning back. You’ve already buried the jar. Sure, you can dig it out. But the torment will come back and will drown you with nothingness—and that is what we are trying to avoid.

So stand up, be brave, walk away, never look back, close that place and open your eyes.

Did it work? 

What do you feel? Any numbness?

Is the jar leaking its contents?

If it is, then here’s the truth: it will always be up to you.

If you are not ready yet, don’t rush yourself.


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