There’s Just Something about Port Cafe’s Carbonara and Waffles.

Some things just never change.

I was just watching Brooklyn 99 when Boyle, a character from the show, caught my attention.

He mentioned reviewing food and including the criteria of “mouth feel” in grading food, which was hilariously fascinating.


Above: Capt. Holt appreciating Charles Boyle’s email blast because his food reviews include measuring “mouth feel”.

I never thought before that “mouth feel” mattered when reviewing food. I never even thought of that term before. But now that I heard about it, I realized why G-Mall Port Cafe’s Carbonara and Waffles will always be my favorites.


Their Carbonara and Waffles were the food items I usually ordered a few years ago. I was in high school then and the movies were just Php60 and Php70. Yep, that was 2007.

Food was cheap, too. And the Port Cafe of Gaisano Mall Davao is where we usually hung out and ate before we watched a movie.

The Carbonara is really creamy, like REALLY creamy, and has an incredible “mouth feel” (would sound gross, really, but it’s actually legit). And the flavor is really pretty, too. Meanwhile, the waffles are pleasantly sweet and fluffy.

The only things I hated were the dark bits from the waffle maker, probably, and the untoasted bread. Ugh. Soft bread and Carbonara is just… They should just be divorced.

Anyhow, that’s why I really liked them. Besides being tasty, they had incredible “mouth feel” quality. And, as much as I don’t want to sound sentimental, Port Cafe always brings back good memories. Good food, good memories.

When I said that some things just never change, I wasn’t referring to the food. For me, the warm, teenage-y vibes of Port Cafe are still there. TS

Photos are from Bryan Uy and Naome Coleen C. 

2 thoughts on “There’s Just Something about Port Cafe’s Carbonara and Waffles.

  1. Nice blog ate han! 😀 My family and I used to hang out here. Every time I go here I just feel the presence of papa (who died 10 years ago) and I feel like i’m with my family. It feels like home to me. I love their waffle and smoothies! 😀 Oh papa loves the waffle too 😀

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    1. Awww, thanks Tat! Diba noh, good food, good memories. ❤


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