I Cloned My Stapelia!

Just because something breaks free, doesn’t mean nothing beautiful will ever grow again.

I’m not heartbroken.  I’m just glad that the stem I trimmed from my Stapelia plant grew its own stems as well (see pic above), after more than a week since I transferred it to a different container. (Cue newbie plant momma squeals).

So, uh, how do I take care of it?

I’m actually very chill with everything. Succulents like Stapelia Gigantea don’t need frequent tending, unlike other plants.  There are many other types of Stapelias, but apparently, mine loves some sunlight. And it’s pretty tough because I seldom water it but it’s still growing and seems to have no plans of stopping.

Started from the bottom, now we’re here. 

Also, its soil has no pumice, only ordinary loam soil from our garden. I think it’s really rich with nutrients since my Stapelia really thrived on it. Also, given that a lot of plants grow around from where I got the soil, it’s safe to assume that it has a pretty nutrient-rich quality.

TIP: Go easy on the water. Succs love sunlight and moderate to little water.

Anyhow, I’m planning to transfer its mom to a bigger pot and pretty soon, this little one on the pic as soon as its stems start elongating. TS

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