REVIEW: Beachborn’s Classy Not Brassy – Sulfate-free Purple Shampoo

Yay or Nay?

For starters, let me just disclaim: I’m not a hair care expert. This product review is actually my first coloured-hair care product review.

Purple shampoo–based on what I’ve watched and researched on YouTube Vlogs and websites, it’s the holy grail item for hair that underwent bleaching and colouring.

The product I will be reviewing is the Classy not Brassy from Beachborn, the first all-natural sulfate-free shampoo in Ph. In their site, you can buy it for Php350, but I bought it for only Php198 at The Concept Store, Abreeza Mall.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to buy this product right after my bleach treatment as I was tending my chemically-burned scalp. Yes! My scalp was moderately burned and there were scabs on some parts (IKR, ew), so I had to take care of it before buying hair care products. Thankfully, it’s now completely healed. Phew.

Ok, going back, I will discuss my hair situation before using it, its performance, smell, and my hair situation after using it with a conditioner.

My hair situation BEFORE using purple shampoo. My hair was already showing its brassy tones. That was when I knew how badly I needed a sulfate-free shampoo. Oh boy.

First and second use. So three weeks after my treatment, I bought the product. On my first use, I wasn’t satisfied. My hair was kind of dry even with a conditioner. However, on the second use, my hair was really smooth and manageable. Maybe I wasn’t just using it properly or my conditioner wasn’t applied well.



Does it lather well? Not really. Remember, it’s sulfate-free, which means the chemical used in average shampoo products so that they could lather well is eliminated. Sulfate damages coloured hair and cause frizziness in curly hair, FYI.

How about the smell? With foreign purple shampoo products, I heard that they smelled kind of bad that you really had to apply conditioner to neutralize the smell. Oof. Beachborn, though, smells clean and simple. It doesn’t necessarily smell good but I believe it smells better than other products.


My hair situation AFTER using purple shampoo. As mentioned, it went well after my second use. My hair’s silver / blonde tones really popped out and the brassy tones even paled!

Overall, I recommend this product. It’s affordable and effective.

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