REVIEW: Wearing Anti-radiation Eyeglasses for One Week


Hello! This is a summarized daily review of wearing anti-radiation eyeglasses (ARE) for one week.

One of my problems recently is this eye strain I get from facing the computer screen in our office for about 7-8 hours.

First of all, I’m used to computer glare since College. Apparently, this time, the glare has been becoming too much for me, as I am getting headaches and feeling lightheaded after work.

My solution: What I do is I minimize any white-background application such as MS Word, Facebook, or WordPress, and then type behind an opened Spotify on my desktop, which has a black theme with a bit of neon green.

But it’s still not enough. I still get throbbing pain from both sides of my head frequently, double-vision, an irritated right eye, and neck and lower-back pain. So I decided to buy anti-radiation eyeglasses at Executive Optical (EO), SM Ecoland branch.

Let’s see how this goes!

Day 1 – A little improvement on the glaring. I usually get headaches and glaring around 2 PM already, but this time it arrived later than usual. I guess the eyeglasses helped.

Day 2 – Just like yesterday, my eye strain started later than usual. I’m still battling a headache + a cold, so I worked at home. I blame my allergies and the weather.

Day 3 – Today, I worked at the office. I noticed that the glare is much worse there even though I had my glasses on. Good thing my glasses alleviated the strain.

Day 4 – I’m still not used to wearing the glasses! Sometimes I even forget I have one. Maybe I’m just feeling under the weather, but my eyes are really tired.

Day 5 – Hmm. I noticed that compared with my non-ARE wearing days, the ‘strain’ that I feel every 2PM downsized to ‘episodes’. Now I get them whenever I face the computer without taking breaks and not during a specific time. \


Day 6 – Oh man, the stressful strain is back just now. It’s 6pm and I have an article to finish, but this glare is slowing and wearing me down…

Day 7 – It’s my rest day! It’s time to wrap things up.

My conclusion: Anti-rad glasses do help. It really does, however, wearing it alone didn’t entirely prevent my eye strains from going away. It did minimize my eye strains, but I noticed I had a bad habit too–forgetting to take a break.

I realized eye-strains are inevitable, but both wearing anti-rad eyeglasses AND taking short breaks, will alleviate them.

To those gals and guys who work in front of PCs and laptops for long periods of time, I suggest we all try to do these stuff even though we have our anti-rad glasses on:

  • take some short breaks to protect your eyes.
  • try some eye exercises.
  • blink, blink, blink.
  • turn away from the computer.
  • take a short nap.
  • stay in a dark room for at least 2-3 minutes.

So that’s it. I hope you all have a lovely day!

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