BLOGGED: New Job and the Thai Winter Melon Drink

Stories about Adulting, handling rejection, etc.

HELLO there! I’m here again with some news. I recently got hired at an SEO firm, Ardor (Yay!) as a Content Writer. It’s located in Matina, Davao City, near my University. Who would’ve thought I’d still take the same route I took for six years? Ha-ha.

Adulting with a Macha Pocky from DAISO.

Oh, right. How did I get the job? After my graduation I bummed around for some time before I started looking for jobs. There were a LOT of jobs that looked really appealing, especially the salary… But then I imagined myself working for them, the environment, what experiences I would gain… and I backed off. I realized that applying for those jobs wouldn’t be ‘me’ anymore. (Yep, I’m a picky beggar.  I don’t know. Whatever. LOL)

So life went on and I applied for three different digital media agencies here in Davao, got invited until the final interviews, but didn’t make it. (Okay, there were two other companies that invited me for an interview but I didn’t respond because I felt like the jobs were not for me.) I was sad, yes… I was sad and disappointed that I didn’t get those jobs because rejection sucks–who am I to say that I wasn’t affected?

But I was far from surrendering. That’s life, I said. I kept looking for jobs online and sent my resume to SEO firms/Marketing agencies. Until I got an email from Ms. JB of Ardor, and they asked for a portfolio or links to the articles I wrote. I showed her some links from my Mindanao Times internship, this blog, and the rest is history.

My first day: A Content Development Seminar by Ms. Julia Sta. Romana, a Content Developer. I learned soooo much about SEO, Content Writing, Marketing, and many more! Maybe I’ll make a different blog post about it.

I’m glad I followed my intuition and didn’t give up on looking for a company on my own, a company that would hire me for what I can do best.  I’m thankful for my support network–family, friends, and the sushi roll in Manila. Hehe.

I really see my boyfriend as a sushi. I don’t know why. LOL

Oh and by the way, this Thai Winter Melon drink called Green Mate is soooo good. I recognized the taste from a Winter Melon drink Chowking had before in their menu. I think it even tastes better when it’s cold and when mixed with milk. I can’t wait to buy one so I can drink it on the office. (I feel such an ~*adult*~ saying that.)

Goes without saying, but I’m so excited to work with my co-writer, Hanna and my editor, Ms. JB in the office next week! I’m still home based for this week so I write on Google Doc and communicate with the Editor through Skype.

So that’s it, that is my life recently. Thank you so much if you read up to this point. What have you been up to these days?


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