Restart Button


Like a ten-year-old poster on the wall, she tears her old life apart from a surface.

She wants to feel new.

She wants to restart; she yearns for resurrection.

Yes, she fantasizes that every single day–to die and to be reborn into a new life where she would still have the knowledge and wisdom to do everything with caution and cold calculation.

In this life, everything she touches seem to puff out life and stay dead forever.. cold, lifeless, useless, and brown.

“Why do I feel like something was taken away from me? A gape in my chest howls a weird, dissatisfied cry which echoes inside my skull.” She thinks.

Regrets fill her. She tastes it on her cupid’s bow as she licks her violently chapped upper lip.

Professionals always say that recognizing the problem is the first sign of change.

But she wants change to happen in a blink of an eye–and that’s making her suffer.. rot.. drown… and sink deeper into oblivion.


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