The wind cries out tonight, signaling their entrance. My pulse is as fast as a racehorse that’s being beat violently. This will already be our fourth meeting, but I still get the chills every time.

I check my watch—it’s 11:58 pm. It’s almost time. I clutch the cooler tightly, and set it aside.

When I made my first deal with them, I was at the rock bottom of my already down-in-the-dumps life. I had other options, honestly. But I was desperate and exhausted of my parent’s mistrust of me.

I wanted to prove that I made the right choice. I wanted to prove that I can be independent, too—that I’m not just lucky because they can offer to pay for my debts.

I can’t wait to come out of College being debt-free, and become the hottest and most famous artist in the world.

It’s 12:00 am. As usual, they arrive on the dot.

Two silhouette figures appear out of the trees, walking in grace towards me.

They’re still pale as ever, but their beautiful faces had excited looks on them tonight.

“Miguel, I see you’re not yourself tonight. Is something bothering you?” the older one probes me, like she’s testing me.

Every conversation is like a riveting chess game to these two.

“Uh. I just had too much coffee. Sorry. Do you have it?” I tried my best to act cool.

“Yes, sweetheart—but where is IT?” The younger one peered behind me.

I sighed and put the cooler in front of them. “Here. Where’s mine?”

They look at each other with sly smiles painted on their pristine faces.

“Feel your pockets, homie.” The older one darted her gaze at my pocket.

I quickly shove my hands in my pocket and felt it. Here it is—my prized possession, the one that will let me bag that international award and skyrocket me to fame.

I scrutinize its captivating features—its extremely fine, natural bristles are from an animal I can’t recognize and are held together by a golden ferrule.

Oh, and the smooth, wooden handle—there are texts written on it.  ‘FEED ME’, it said.


“Hey, how can I—“

As I was about to thank them, they disappeared. Weird…

I wonder what orphanage I am going to visit again.


Published by Tricia Hingpit

web copywriter from Davao city.

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