Diary of a Make-up Guru — A Short Story


October 13

Today I had few customers. My mini physical shop is just a month old so I guess my ‘army’ of loyal buyers haven’t had the chance to visit here.

October 15

Yesterday, I forgot to write because I was busy tidying the counters. Customers were still scarce, but there was a woman who stayed for a really long time in the shop and asked a lot about make-up. She also kept on asking for all my product samples. All of it. But she didn’t buy anything. Unbelievable.

October 16

I really like my physical shop’s location. It’s near the forest, where I can feel the rare cool breeze of the summer. I’m thinking of putting a garden here, or even a coffee shop! I can already imagine my fiancé saying “Grace, take things slow. You’re just starting.”

October 17

The annoying woman was back. Oh, did I forget to mention that she was really fair-skinned but her hair was jet-black? And her contacts are tinted hazel. I’ve never seen a Filipina with pale skin like that with a thick Southern Tagalog accent. She bought 2 sets of the Kylie lipstick birthday edition, so I gave her one free matte lipstick because she’s my first customer for the day. She looked really happy.

October 18

Wow, I can’t believe what happened today. There was a flood of customers – and they nearly bought everything. I’m so exhausted. I have to sleep now. Oh, by the way, tomorrow there’s a festival – the Maria Makiling festival. I’m pretty sure there will be customers from UPLB. Good night!


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