The Quiet in a Cheesecake


I’m not a cheesecake lover–I’m a cheesecake worshiper. There’s just so much to love about this pastry. I think anyone with a picky palate would not resist a slice. If you would let me choose between a cookie or an ordinary party cake–I’d choose cheesecake any day.

As I sat today in Pastanni while eating their ‘crustless’ Cotton Cheesecake, I realized how intimate it was for me to just sit down and eat my favorite dessert. There’s just something about how it melted on my tongue, and how it silenced all the background noise.  No one else was there except me and this precious gift to mankind.

However, that only came close to the best I’ve had. Nothing has topped the New York Style Cheesecake from Starbucks on my list yet. It’s so simple–it sits on a thin crust and the barista makes you choose between a caramel, chocolate, or strawberry syrup. At that time, I chose caramel because I just felt like they would be a perfect match. And I was a lucky guesser. The fluffy texture and the hint of a citrus-y fruit like lemon was heavenly. It was great–so great that I just had to pause every time I took a bite, and cherish what just happened in my mouth.

I suggest to everyone to spend time on finding their own versions of things that will quiet them down. If you have found it already then good for you. Enjoy the quiet in something.

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