Pop! Goes Their Art


Beautiful images and sights just relax me. I feel better when I’m surrounded with art.

I’m not an artist, but I have a long running love affair with Art since I was young. I was always on the “right” side of things or the “creative” side–drawing, creative writing, painting. Yep, you can include me now on the stereotypes of numberphobic people.

So yesterday, my friend and I went to this event where local artists flaunt their works called Art Attack–a yearly art group exhibit hosted by the Davao Graphic Designers Community (DGDC) at the second floor of the Morning Light Art Gallery and Shop at Quirino.

This is also where local artists, musicians, and sellers gather to showcase and sell their craft to the local industry’s aficionados and artbugs. This year’s theme was Pop Culture.

Local entrepreneurs such as Revere, Ming’s Xoop, and CRVST were on display while Kevin Becira and Chud Festejo serenaded us.




But what really caught my eye were Red Genotiva’s paintings–they look surreal but familiar–like a parallel universe.



My friend and I also saw many familiar faces as we awkwardly roamed around and took pictures. Initially, I was feeling very uneasy because of my anxiety, but later on I got by–as I always do. We even won some goodies from their game which was to guess a place here in Davao through a doodle.

Ex. Letter “C” drawn on a brick wall = Seawall.

To top it off, local digital artists and former schoolmates of mine, Resa Embutin and James Racho gave us free stickers. Yay!


And right after the exhibit, we went down to the ground floor where the art supplies shop is located. It’s quite unfitting for a heavenly place to be located on the ground floor of a building.


Davao’s local art industry is as flourishing as ever. If you are from Davao, don’t shy away from immersing in this culture. Support local artists if you can.


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